Tales Of Our Times

Joe Friggieri

Number of Pages: 136

Year Published: 2004


Like everything else written by Joe Friggieri, these brief tales have an immediacy, a freshness, that leads the reader on from one to the other, pausing only to think about the images and ideas they imprint in his mind. These are not short stories of the familiar sort. Many of them are fables about man or nature or both; others are philosophical reflections filtered through simple events. Most of them are lit by the silvery light of the author’s imagination, few of them stick to the realism that has put such limitations on twentieth century fiction. If they belong to any school, it is, I imagine, that of magical realism in which the real and the imaginary melt together into a fantastic whole that lingers in the memory longer than fiction of the diterminedly realistic sort. Like fairy tales, they draw on the dream world and walking reveries to suggest the ambiguity and often vaguely perceived reality of our lives. Paul Xuereb.

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