Copy Service

1st Class equipment is our secret. Our Photocopiers are top of the range, latest technology. We can print from all media. Get your copies printed without leaving the office! Email us and we will print your documents.

Black Photocopies…… A4 and A3, 75 copies per minute with a choice of finishing, staple, whole punch, booklet format and tri fold. So if you have a news letter, for example, we can print it in a booklet format which comes folded and stapled for your convenience.

Colour copies……… A4 and A3 copies, our copier is of pristine quality, high definition, your satisfaction is of upmost importance.

Large format printing……… we can print from all media up to size A0. We can also reduce and enlarge your copies. Another option is to print on card, canvas or 90gram paper. This service is available in full colour or black.


We offer several types of binding for your convenience.

Spiral binding, for this we use a plastic back and a clear plastic front with a plastic comb for the side.

Pressure binding, for this we use a cover which has a metal channel along the side which is then inserted into a machine and pressure is used to lock the paper and cover together

Heat binding, for this a cover is used which has a strip of glue down the spine. The book is then inserted into a machine where the glue heats up joining paper and cover together.

Thesis binding, for this type of binding we have a choice of blue, maroon and black covers. These covers are of top quality, the spine has a metal channel and the paper and cover are joined together with pressure. Gold or silver leaf can be inscribed on the cover and spine of this binding. All University and MCAST requirements are observed.

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